J18 Quartz Canyon

Total Miles


271.78 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Embark on an action-packed and challenging nearly 2-mile loop trail, Quartz Canyon, starting and ending at Jim's Overlook in Hot Springs Off-Road Park. The trail, requiring tires of at least 32 inches and an aggressive tread, recommends a locking rear differential for optimal performance. From the "bottom" of H42, turn left onto the trailhead, exploring the lesser-traveled side of the park. Offering diverse terrains, including ledges, loose rock, and a water crossing, Quartz Canyon caters to every off-road enthusiast and shares vibes reminiscent of Snake & Rubicon Ridge. The trail features hard-pack dirt, loose medium-sized rock, and sections with exposed bedrock sporting up to 1-foot ledges. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Hot Springs Mountain Tower from Jim's Overlook. Situated across from the park's main entrance, Quartz Canyon is the newest Jeep Badge of Honor Trail at Hot Springs ORV. Jim's Overlook along the trail serves as a perfect spot to take a break and soak in the panoramic views. For those seeking more challenge, two 4-diamond rated trails branch off from Quartz Canyon.

Photos of J18 Quartz Canyon

J18 Quartz Canyon
J18 Quartz Canyon
J18 Quartz Canyon


This trail is rated on the park system as a 3. There are steep hill climbs and descents. There are a few areas with rock crawls with medium-sized rocks (one going uphill). The trail also runs along an edge of the mountain and has a few awkward turns. It but may be difficult if wet.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Brian Dell
May 25, 2024
While this be rated 3/4 when dry in wet conditions moch more difficult.

Access Description

Quartz Canyon is across the road from the park entrance. Take H5 to H42 (turn left). H42 will take you to H43 Jim's Lookout where you can pick up the trail.

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