East Fork Illinois Bayou

Total Miles


392.13 ft



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Best Time

Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This route starts with an easy descent into the Illinois Bayou. Shortly after descending, there is a group of pick your own line mudholes to choose from; some holes can be up to 30" deep. These can also be bypassed. The route follows the Bayou for .75 miles and has two water crossings. The offshoot to the East Fork Wilderness has a water crossing that can be impassible in the rainy season; this part also is a dead end. The ascent out of the Bayou is a steady, steep climb that has washouts up to 24" deep and rocks up to 20" in height. There is an outcrop of rocks and a cave to be explored 3/8 of a mile before the trail meets Highway 27. Highway legal vehicles only.

Photos of East Fork Illinois Bayou

East Fork Illinois Bayou
East Fork Illinois Bayou
East Fork Illinois Bayou


Mud holes up to 30", Washouts 24" deep, Rocks up to 20", and red clay mud that is very slick.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Trail starts 1.8 miles east from the Bayou Bluff Campground down Lindsay Mtwy.

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