Upper Red Raven Wash

Total Miles


538.1 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Upper Red Raven Wash is a beautiful mixed gravel and sand wash that heads out toward the KOFA Wilderness Refuge Boundary in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. This wash is lined with vegetation and wildlife that show the power and beauty of what happens in the desert when it rains at volume. Evidence of flash flooding is all around you, and it's important to note that traveling in washes, especially in the rainy season is extremely hazardous and possibly life-threatening. Before you go, check the weather both up and downstream from your journey to ensure a safe and fun time for all. The main vegetation on the wash is creosote and cactus, so paint damage is all but guaranteed at the choke points along this trail. Various spots include off-camber ledges and rock gardens so low speeds and extreme caution is advised. The termination of this trail is at the KOFA Wilderness refuge boundary, where vehicle travel is prohibited. The Kofa National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1939 to protect Desert Bighorn Sheep and encompasses over 665,400 acres of the Yuma Desert region of the Sonoran Desert. Broad, gently sloping foothills as well as the sharp, needlepoint peaks of the Kofa Mountains are found in the rugged refuge. The small, widely scattered waterholes attract a surprising number of water birds for a desert area. A wide variety of plant life is also found throughout the refuge. Kofa Wilderness takes up 547,719 acres of the refuge, making it the second-largest wilderness area in Arizona.


Uneven, rutted dirt trail with loose rocks, sand, erosion, and washes.

Technical Rating