Training Loops

Total Miles


605.02 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter, Fall

Trail Overview

The training loops are a warm-up/practice loop for ATVs and dirt bikes, geared towards helping kids learn to ride. They start at the staging area off of Moores Gulch Road 46, and there are A, B, and C sections that all make a one-mile-long loop. The trail is decently narrow, making good practice for both ATVs and dirt bikes. Kids will definitely need to watch out for cacti, though. It goes right past many giant ocotillos, with lots of tight corners. The trail itself is quite easy, with small rocks on the surface but mostly flat and no obstacles. It's good practice for cornering and trail riding. Section C is a bit wider. Section B looks a bit less ridden and narrower, and A is the main section. This is a great place for families to bring their kids to learn to ride to get them off of the busier roads and trails. There is also a fenced-in wide open corral area for training/learning.

Photos of Training Loops

Training Loops
Training Loops
Training Loops


This is an easy training loop for kids with no obstacles.

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Access Description

This starts at the Little Pan Staging Area off of Moores Gulch Road. This can be accessed from the West Table Mesa Road exit from I-17.

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