Sonoran Desert 8009

Total Miles


612.05 ft


4 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Take Freeman Road exit about 17 miles east of Gila Bend. BLM. Camping is available, but put some distance between yourself and the interstate. It is an easy drive, though clearance is necessary in some areas. Bring some loppers, as palo verde crowds the road in places. 8009 crosses Barry Goldwater Range. You'll need to get a permit online to cross it. The landscape is beautiful and gets better the farther you get from the interstate. Make sure you've got a full tank of gas, a good spare and plenty of water. You're on your own out there.

Photos of Sonoran Desert 8009

Sonoran Desert 8009
Sonoran Desert 8009
Sonoran Desert 8009


Packed dirt, sand and loose gravel. Arroyos abound, so clearance needs will vary depending on how much water has moved through. Flash floods are serious hazard. Watch the weather. Single track with a lot of low-desert vegetation up to and over the edge of the road.


This trail is an access point to the Sonoran Desert National Monument and is managed by BLM. A portion of this trail crosses the Barry Goldwater Range. You'll need a permit to access it. I've provided a link to the permit portal in my notes.

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Status Reports

Corrine Carter
Apr 11, 2023
2011 Jeep Wrangler

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