Snap Point BLM 1680

Total Miles


2,044.02 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Snap Point BLM 1680 is a 7.2-mile out-and-back trail rated 4 of 10 located on the southern edge of the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. Snap Point is the official western end of the Grand Canyon North Rim. The road to Snap Point is deeply rutted and during certain parts of the year can be closed. Snap Point is an inspiring scenic viewpoint. The view east from Snap Point looks back up the Grand Canyon and the view west looks down to Lake Mead. The further you drive down BLM 1068, the tighter the trail squeezes as the bushes encroach on the track. Full-size vehicles can expect to either do a lot of trimming or accept some pinstriping. Most high-clearance 4x4s and pickups can reach the first view near Fort Garrett Point. The last 2 miles are really just suitable for UTVs and high clearance offroad type vehicles only. The 1680 road crosses multiple stretches of small boulder fields. The roads in this area are usually impassable in winter due to mud, snow, and ice. As one of the last truly wild places in the American Southwest, Parashant offers zero cell service and road conditions that range from "rough" to "extremely rough." A visitor can easily go days without seeing another soul, making the monument one of the worst places in Arizona to experience a breakdown.


The trail consists of loose rock, dirt, and sand with some slickrock surfaces. There is some erosion; washes, gulches and rock steps are no higher than 18 inches. Tall tires (33 inches or greater) and limited slip are a plus. 4WD is required. Enhanced suspension travel and good ground clearance are helpful. Good driving skills are also a plus.

Technical Rating


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