Secret Pass Cutoff

Total Miles


1,161.31 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This steep trail will not get you off-camber and does not have any difficult obstacles. I think it would be much harder if you had both differentials open because of how steep/loose some of the climbs are. I have only a front locker, and I did just fine. We also visited the "bra and panty tree, and stripper pole", which amounted to basically a pile of litter along the road, and someone put a tall fence pole in the ground.

Photos of Secret Pass Cutoff

Secret Pass Cutoff
Secret Pass Cutoff
Secret Pass Cutoff


Loose/sandy steep climbs, we didn't cross any water or tall obstacles.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Jeff Thompson
Jan 06, 2024
This section is a little more difficult than previous years but definitely ok for high clearance vehicles jt_family_adventures on instagram

Access Description

We left from Bullhead City on the 68 toward Kingman around 4 miles from the final stoplight in Bullhead.

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