Rocky Moto

Total Miles


2,396.35 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

Rocky Moto is a fun and challenging trail in the Fort Valley Trail System with tons of big boulders embedded in the trail and on the edges of the trail. It goes through boulder fields and rock gardens, often made up of volcanic rock. It's sometimes pretty faint, especially with tons of pine needles on the ground that make it hard to see the trail. It has tons of tight curves between the pine trees and not much elevation change. There are sections that are smoother with less rock in between the rocky sections. There are also a few downed logs. Rocky Moto is easier and has smaller rocks than the northern section of Moto Trail, which has giant boulders. It goes through a beautiful well-kept forest that is really nice in fall when the weather isn't too hot. The west end dumps out on 164B, which can be taken back to the staging area.

Photos of Rocky Moto

Rocky Moto
Rocky Moto
Rocky Moto


This is an intermediate single track consistently full of boulders and tight curves.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The Fort Valley Trail System is a small trail system north of Flagstaff, Arizona, with a mix of easy to challenging single-track trails. There is a staging area off Fort Valley Road and 164B that is a parking lot good for several trucks and small trailers. There is no camping allowed here.

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