Pope Mine Loop

Total Miles


967.54 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This 25.5-mile loop passes through the Black Mountains. Visit several abandoned mines (be cautious some mines are not fenced off or filled in). At the turnaround point take some time to hike the wash down to Lake Mohave (approx. 6-mile round trip). Parts of this trail are not well marked and follow the wash, attempt to remain on the right-hand side of the wash, and do not drive over vegetation. The northern route of the trail is easily rated 3. The southern return route is more difficult with multiple areas where the trail is washed out with 20" ledges (high centering is possible with lifted vehicles). This trail is not traveled often, recommend traveling with a group on this trail.

Photos of Pope Mine Loop

Pope  Mine Loop
Pope  Mine Loop
Pope  Mine Loop


Northern Route is easy and passable by stock 4X4 vehicles majority of trail is single vehicle with limited turn outs. The Southern Route has many washed out areas that have 20" ledges, high centering of vehicle is possible.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Brooks Rickard
Oct 07, 2023

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