Plomosa Backside

Total Miles


404.75 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

This is the northwestern cutover trail for the Polmosa Range. This trail cuts over and around the mountains. There are a few short sandy dune sections and some steep loose hill climbs, and off-camber sections. There are also some short shelves and drops and climbs as you cross over the different sections of washes, some of which have sand, some have boulders. Overall the trail is a fun run through the hills; you get amazing views of the desert valley and have plenty of opportunities for dessert, animal spotting, and wildlife. Watch for Cholla cactus near the sides of the trail, and be sure to bring lots of water. Cell service is spotty in and out, and there are a few short side trips to explore old mines; just keep your distance to be safe. There is plenty of dispersed camping near the Northeastern entrance to the trail.


Mostly two-track, but some deep soft sand, loose hill climbs, and Rocky boulders and shelf. Paint damage and tire sidewall damage possible

Technical Rating