Nugget Road and Rolling Hills

Total Miles


2,010.52 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This is a mid-mountain forest road segment in Catalina National Forest, northwest of Tucson, Arizona. It is accessible via Peppersauce Canyon and is an enjoyable, mildly challenging primitive route that culminates high on a mountain ridge, at the junction for Rice Peak Road. Enjoy exploring higher elevations, with numerous loose, rocky ascents and descents, tight switchbacks, and breathtaking vistas to the east. While the terrain is not very technical, some of the steep inclines may give drivers pause. Any stock four-wheel drive vehicle with decent ground clearance from the factory, and a low-range transfer case, will not have any trouble. There are sporadic trees and vegetation for the duration of the route, and larger vehicles might incur scratches. If you're on your way up to Rice Peak, this trail segment is recommended for its variety, its scenery, and its rollercoaster-like elevation changes.

Photos of Nugget Road and Rolling Hills

Nugget Road and Rolling Hills
Nugget Road and Rolling Hills
Nugget Road and Rolling Hills


While this route will accommodate most four-wheel drive vehicles with sufficient ground clearance and a two-speed transfer case, there are steep and loose ascents and descents that might cause some drivers to hesitate. It is a less-traveled track, and some vegetation and deterioration might challenge larger vehicles. These characteristics aside, the terrain is fairly even throughout with little or no need for careful line picking.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Eli Martinez
Oct 02, 2023
2020 Ford Ranger

Access Description

To access this forest road segment, ascend the mountain from Peppersauce Canyon, following the primitive forest road, FR29. This trail commences at a spacious junction located on a mid-mountain saddle.

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