Not Quite Over the Top

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813.27 ft



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Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

The approach to this trail from the highway was super bumpy/rocky kidney basher but once you get to the actual foothills the trail gets fun. During the approach beware of the flag thief, it is right next to the trail and had already stolen 4 flags. The picture with the Jeep XJ articulating was because a harder than necessary track was taken over the obstacle but rocks on the passenger side would have jammed into the rocker panel on the more obvious track. A separate person in a stock Rubicon JL was able to drive over it more directly because of their shorter wheelbase. Neither vehicle could get over the top. I did not get a decent picture of the obstacle that shows how all the things tie together, so I put callouts on one of the pictures. Two pictures of the XJ, the bumper up against a rock and the other with the tall rock. If I would have continued straight (after moving the rock out from in front of the bumper), however, the trail was off-camber and the tall rock had an overhang out of view of the camera that had too much potential for opening my roof like a sardine can. I think a shorter vehicle could get by, like an ATV or UTV, or someone who wanted to spend more time getting by it. There is also a narrower passage with a smooth climb something narrow, maybe a 50" UTV, could drive right through with no issue.

Photos of Not Quite Over the Top

Not Quite Over the Top
Not Quite Over the Top
Not Quite Over the Top


A couple of larger ledges, we encountered no water but if it is storming the story would be different.

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We took the 95 south from Lake Havasu City a few miles and turned in to the desert.

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