Mushroom Loop

Total Miles


2,666.35 ft


2.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This loop starts and ends on Middle Mountain Road. This loop has been coined the Mushroom Loop because several mushrooms were on display at stops along this loop. We started on the southern side and returned on the northern. Either direction can be traveled individually with the Northern side of the loop being a primitive road lightly used while the southern arm is used to drop down to Sprucedale and Buffalo Crossing in much better condition. Heading back up the northern arm, stop at a rock formation we named Horny Toad Rock as it looks like a big horny toad. You will see it just as you cross a small water crossing along the trail. Just beyond this area is where most mushrooms were seen but the mushroom discovery will all depend on the time of the year and environmental conditions. We went during slight rain after many days of like weather in August. Continuing up the trail, you will find this road much slower going with several places where water can gather on the road. This arm of the road also can be much rockier in places. On the top end, there is an additional loop that goes out to a scenic view of the mountains but can be bypassed if you want to shorten the trip. This loop was even less traveled but not difficult.

Photos of Mushroom Loop

Mushroom Loop
Mushroom Loop
Mushroom Loop


The most difficult part of this trail is the uneven rocky road at times. There are no major obstacles but may wear on the traveler if not accustomed or prepared for the bumpy ride. Some mud holes are possible also in wet weather.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

From Alpine, Head north to Big Lake Road. Travel to Forest Rd 276 which turns to dirt. Signs may direct you to Diamond Rock Campground. Before reaching the campground turn on Middle Mountain road and then choose either the North or South part of the trail.

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