McGuffy Cabin Trail

Total Miles


560.87 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

A spur off the Arizona Peace Trail, McGuffy Cabin trail is a short but rewarding route. The trail starts off of County Highway 15 and as a narrow gravel road. The trail continues to the west and terrain changes from slightly sandy/rocky washes to rocky trail. At the second Y in the road turn left (south) and continue over a few ridges and into a wash. In the wash you'll see the remains of what looks like an old Honda. The trail re-emerges on the left off the wash just before a dam for the most technical part of the trail. The trail then drops back into the wash and turns west to the cabin. From here return the way you came. There are many side trails to be explored in the beautiful Sonoran desert.


The only truly technical section of this trail is at the very end as you come out of the wash to get around the dam. There are rock ledges that can be done with a high clearance 4x4 and a good driver. Remember the way out is back up this technical section. The cabin is not far if you decide to walk the rest of the way.

Technical Rating