House Rock Valley

Total Miles


1480.33 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This sandy loop cruises around the desert past some lovely cattle pastures and curious cows. The views of Vermillion Cliffs and the North Rim of the Grand Canton are spectacular throughout the entire route. One could camp at any of the numerous spots where the cows get a drink of water. Overall the trail is easy with some long deep sandy sections, a few steep short loose sandy hills, and the occasional rock obstacle. Airing down one's tires is greatly recommended. There's a shot out and back with a great view of a canyon if you're looking for some side trails. The best time of year to be exploring this area is in the spring and fall. If traveling in summer bring extra water. There is one bar of Verizon LTE cell service in the trail area.


Long deep sandy sections and loose sandy hill climbs. Airing down is recommended.

Technical Rating