Canyon Camp Loop Ajo

Total Miles


537.97 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Winter

Trail Overview

This is a lovely loop trail on the Northern side of the Cardigan Peak Mountains near Ajo. The Western side of the loop requires 4x4, while the Eastern side is easy and does not have any 4x4 sections. The western loop gets into a steep eroded section early on, and there are smaller eroded sections to cross on the trail. Longer wheelbase vehicles might not be recommended on the Western side of the loop. After the first couple of large washouts to cross, the trail runs along the wildlife refuge for a bit before turning back in and following a little canyon. A small campsite sits at the edge of the canyon. It is located along the trail, but the beauty is worth the drive out, and this appears to be a low-traffic area. In the springtime, the hillsides stretching up into the mountains are covered in yellow and purple flowers and many large saguaros. The campsite and the canyon are the middle points of this loop trail, and the eastern side of the loop is easy and has no 4x4 sections. The trail is narrow in a few spots from tree branches and could cause paint damage. The best time to travel is in spring and late fall. rate a 3, the western side of the loop is 4x4 with a steep rutted-down section into a wash and steep climb back up.


There are some rutted sections that cross small washes. There is one steep wash crossing at the beginning of the trail

Technical Rating