Blue Stem Road

Total Miles


2,179.21 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Blue Stem Road is a rocky two-track that connects Old 301 Road and Boundary Old 320 Road. Nestled in the Kaibab National Forest, you'll find the gentle South end of this road more welcoming than some of the sketchier sections and rocky terrain of the North. The story of the Kaibab National Forest is that of Ponderosa Pine, Juniper, Elk, Deer, and Wild Horses, and this section isn't short on any of that at all. And with 1 Bar LTE, you might even be able to post about it. With some grooved out mud, and off-camber rocks, there are still no obstacles over 12".

Photos of Blue Stem Road

Blue Stem Road
Blue Stem Road
Blue Stem Road


Rough and rutted trail.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Corrine Carter
May 27, 2023
2011 Jeep Wrangler

Access Description

Found between Old 301 and Boundary Old 320 Road, drive East on Old Boundary 320 Road until you see a small Forest Service sign marking the start of this track.

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