Apache Trail

Total Miles


909.46 ft



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Best Time

Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter



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Trail Overview

This is by no means a "Jeeping" trail. Well... my wife imagines it is - she does not want to get her car dusty on the gravel portion of the trip. This is a beautiful and historic road from Apache Junction to Roosevelt Lake. Suitable for all vehicles. The northern unpaved part is a wide graded road, but it can be extremely dusty with many areas of washboard. Traffic can be slow when the winter visitor season is at its peak. This track includes a side trip to Reavis Ranch trailhead. This is a nice diversion on a less traveled road to a beautiful overlook of Apache Lake. Apache Trail was built to allow the construction of Roosevelt Lake which was completed in 1911. This was the first step in the "Salt River Project" which harnessed the Salt River to provide electricity, flood control, and irrigation to the Phoenix area. Roosevelt Lake is the largest and uppermost lake in the project. There are 3 more dams/lakes lower down along the Salt River as it drops through the canyon. You will pass Canyon and Apache Lakes on this trip. Fish Creek Hill is an interesting section of the trail. It is a narrow, winding road on the side of a cliff. It would be an extremely easy Jeep trail, but city folks can get very uptight when driving it with their cars. The guard rails are very old and not well maintained and the corners are blind. The Apache Trail is a State Highway, so many GPS devices will route traffic along it. Not a good thing.



Technical Rating