USFSR #515 Watts Mountainway East

Total Miles


319.81 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

USFSR #515 Watts Mtwy East begins at AL Hwy 281 and according to the US Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Map, ends about a mile down. The eastern section does however, connect to the western section by right-of-way passing through some private land. The trail hugs the mountain side while holding large mud holes with numerous ruts. If these don't excite you, then try your hand at one of two creek crossings. Watch your snorkle as there are a few low lying limbs and multiple fallen trees along the way. 515 is technically only open from 10/01-02/29, but is occasionally left open during parts of the summer.


Approach and departure angles through the creek beds can pose a problem along with multiple mud holes.

Technical Rating