Rattlesnake Orange Trail

Total Miles


277.82 ft


2 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

This trail has many different obstacles. First, you will travel down the two-lane road from the entrance of the Seven springs Lodge and trails to the start of the orange trail. The trail is passable by stock to lightly modified vehicles. The trail is comprised mostly of dirt but has some areas where the creek crosses and can be slippery mud. There are many areas that will test the break over of the vehicle and skid plates are recommended. There are areas where you cross the creek that have immediate inclines so some momentum is required to make the climb. This trail has a spot to stop and take beautiful pictures that sit at the top of a hill.


Some areas can become difficult due to rain. The trail can become very slick which can make this trail fun but challenging to stock to lightly modified rigs. The main hill climb out can seem difficult but can be done with the right line being used based on how your vehicle is built.

Technical Rating