Pencil Lake

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410.46 ft


3.25 Hours

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Pencil Lake trail starts off traveling along a dirt road. Be nice and respect any cottage owners. Most of the obstacles that get thrown in your face are scrambly climbs with quite a few water holes in between. Most of the rock surfaces have good traction (when dry) and get a little slick when wet. The most notable obstacle is an approximately 300-foot-long water crossing (rocky with a hard base) with a steep (optional) climb on the driver's side. Start the climb just past the large rock on the driver's side of the water crossing. It is affectionately known as The Wall. There are bypasses for some of the water holes and some of the rocky sections. Some deep water holes measure approximately 30-34 inches deep. Cell service is very intermittent. There are a few porta-potties along the trails that are maintained by local snowmobile and ATV clubs. There are not many restaurants in the area, but there are a few excellent places to have a lunch break. People have been known to camp off the side of this trail. The trail opens on May 1st. This trail is fun all year round--spring, summer, and fall. (Fall colors make it a favorite for some in the later months of the season.)

Photos of Pencil Lake

Pencil Lake
Pencil Lake
Pencil Lake


All obstacles are passable with the right amount of guidance from a friend or guide. Deep water and climbs make this trail fun yet not too difficult.

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Access Description

Head approximately 1 kilometer north of Pencil Lake Road on County Road 507.

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