Horseshoe Lake, Loop

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896.39 ft


1 Hours

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Horseshoe Lake is a large open forest recreation site approximately 30km northeast of Cranbrook. It is known for its large camping spots and amazing views it is also a hot spot for off-road adventures. It is popular with dirt bikes, ATVs, and 4x4 vehicles there are lots of trails to explore around the area. This trail is one of many variations to try in the area. With a few small hill climbing sections, a 4x4 is recommended. (Especially in the winter) Some tight weaving sections so be careful with a full-size truck. In the winter months there will be lots of snow, in the spring and fall it becomes very slick and muddy and in the summer is dusty. This trail passes through Crown Land which has some amazing spots for camping.

Photos of Horseshoe Lake, Loop

Horseshoe Lake, Loop
Horseshoe Lake, Loop
Horseshoe Lake, Loop


In the winter there will be lots of snow.

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Access Description

From the main road (Wardner Fort Steele Road) there are multiple access points.

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