Best Off-Road GPS for 2021: Top Systems for Dirt Bike, ATV, UTV & 4×4 Trails

Beginning a search for the best GPS for off-roading can be a seriously daunting task. What constitutes “best” for one, may not fulfill the needs of others. In other words, determining the best off-road GPS is a subjective matter. However, not all is lost. By determining what feature(s) are most important (such as price, brand reputation, or a specific feature), one can quickly narrow their search to one of the more popular models on the market designed specifically to help outdoor enthusiasts navigate singletrack trails on their dirt bike, or two track roads and other OHV trails with their ADV motorcycle, ATV, UTV (Side By Side, RZR, or Can Am), or 4×4.

This article presents a few options to those looking for the best off-road GPS setup for their needs, including the most robust off-road trail map GPS app on the market—onX Offroad. 

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The onX Offroad App Alternative

Those who prefer to carry their personal smartphone or a rugged phone can quickly pair with the onX Offroad app for the most accurate and accessible trail map database on the market. With over 550,000 miles of mapped off-road trails and nearly 1,000 trail guides contributing route updates, pairing the onX Offroad mobile GPS app with your favorite device will add a new level of navigation accuracy and a host of other benefits, including:

Economical Annual Memberships

  • Premium Membership $29.99 per year includes Feature Trails, Unlimited Saved Offline Maps, Government Lands, Photo Waypoints, 3D Maps (iOS only), and more.
  • Elite Membership $99.99 per year – includes all Premium features plus exclusive features like Property Boundaries, Landowner Names, and Lot Information.

Interactive Maps

  • Tap anywhere on a map using onX Offroad Maps for more detailed info, such as trail open and closure dates, public land management, private land, and recreation point details for campsites, trailheads, open OHV areas, and more.

Find Open Trails Near You

  • No matter where you open the app, scan the map to quickly find open, closed, and “Featured” trails. You can then tap for photos, difficulty ratings, and detailed trail descriptions.
Offroad Difficulty Ratings

Find Campsites and Non-Ethanol Fuel Stations

  • The onX Offroad Maps app includes over 500,000 recreation points, such as campgrounds and dispersed campsites, parking areas, trailheads, boat launches, and more.

Track Trips and Add Custom Waypoints

  • Use the Track feature to know where you’ve been and how to get back. Add Waypoints at campsites, obstacles, where you parked the trailer, and more. Tracks and waypoints can be edited, saved, and shared with friends.
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Download Maps for Offline Use

  • Use your smartphone or rugged phone’s built-in GPS to access trail maps, even without cell service. Download unlimited maps for detailed trail and land info and your saved markups. You can still add waypoints and track trips without service.

3D and Satellite Maps*

  • View your trail maps like never before in 3D and with the best quality satellite imagery. Or, switch to topo maps for elevation or a hybrid of Satellite and topo for the ultimate navigation tool. *Currently iOS only.

Sync Across Multiple Devices

  • Log in to your onX Offroad account on your computer to plan, and then open the app on your phone or tablet on the trail. All of your trail info is saved and syncs across devices so you can move from trail to home without losing anything.
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Standout GPS Systems for Off-roading

If you prefer a dedicated device for off-road navigation here are some devices to consider.

Garmin Overlander

The Garmin Overlander is a ruggedized, all-terrain navigator with on- and off-road navigation built to U.S. Military MIL-STD-810 standard for shock resistance and IP5X for dust and extreme temperatures. The Overlander can be mounted just about anywhere with its powered magnetic mount with a suction cup and one-inch ball adapter with AMPS plate that’s compatible with RAM mounting systems.

Standout Feature:

  • Garmin Explore – can be used to download additional maps, such as satellite imagery and USGS quad sheets on 64 GBs of internal storage and sync all your data between devices. Import and export GPX files to Garmin Explore—even when offline.

Physical size: 7.84″ W x 4.79″ H x 0.93″ D
Screen size: 6.0″ W x 3.5″ H

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating: MIL-STD-810 for drops, IP5X for dust

MSRP: $699.95

Trail Tech Voyager Pro

The Voyager Pro is a premium off-road GPS with a four-inch color anti-glare touchscreen display that’s IP67 rated for dust and water intrusion. The map screen includes base maps, topography lines, hill shading, and some trails. You can also record or load GPX trails and riding areas then transfer them to a PC using the MicroSD card. The Voyager Pro comes loaded with North American maps, but other map regions can be downloaded for free.

Standout Feature:

  • Buddy Tracking – the Voyager Pro uses localized radio signals to support up to 20 riders in a single group. You can view members of your riding group on the map screen in real-time, increase your following distances, and use the buddy beacon to summon your buddies without cell reception required.

Physical size: 5.7″ W x 3.5″ H x 1.9″ D
Screen size: 4″ diagonal

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating: IP67 for drop

MSRP: $599.95

Magellan TRX7 CS PRO

The TRX7 CS Pro Trail and Street GPS navigator from Magellan is pre-loaded with over 160,000 designated OHV routes on forest and public lands and includes Magellan’s award-winning street navigation to get you from your starting point to the trail. The TRX7 CS Pro, with its ruggedized IP54 rated casing, turn-by-turn trail navigation, and built-in 8MP rear-facing camera, makes it a versatile off-roading GPS built for explorers.

Standout Feature:

  • Built-in 8MP Rear-facing Camera – records stills, panorama, and video with LED flash and includes instant video playback and auto-start recording when approaching trails.

Physical size: 5.2″ W x 8.3″ H x 0.8″ D
Screen size: 7″ diagonal

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating: IP54 for drop

MSRP: $569.95

Garmin GPSMAP® 64s

Garmin’s GPSMAP 64s is a rugged handheld with a 2.6-inch sunlight-readable color screen and a high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with a quad helix antenna for superior reception. Built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass shows your heading, even when standing still. A barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude or plot barometric pressure over time to help keep an eye on changing weather conditions.

Standout Feature:

  • High-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS Receiver – with Quad Helix Antenna locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its location even in heavy cover and deep canyons. Whether you’re in deep woods or near tall trees, you can count on GPSMAP 64s to help you find your way when you need it the most.

Physical size: 2.4″ W x 6.3″ H x 1.4″ D
Screen size: 2.6-inch diagonal sunlight-readable color

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating: IP5X for dust

MSRP: $299.99

Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro

With the standalone Bad Elf GPS Pro, users can share GPS data with up to five Bluetooth-equipped devices and can store and stream data to most Apple products, so you can share navigation data even with no cell service. Whether you’re on two wheels or four, or in the cockpit or backseat, quickly display navigation data on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod in real-time.

Standout Feature:

  • Standalone GPS Datalogger (100+ hours) – allows users to record their adventures without draining the battery on iPhone or iPod touch. There’s no need to keep an app running; simply start and stop the 2200 GPS Pro’s datalogger with the press of a button.

Physical size: 3.0” W x 2.4” H x 0.7” D
Screen size: 3.0″ diagonal

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating: IPX4 for dust and water

MSRP: $199.95


Finding the best off-road trail GPS can be overwhelming at first. Yet, by determining the most important feature(s) you’re looking for in a GPS, you can quickly narrow your search using this article as a jumping-off point combined with a price you’re comfortable with. There are a huge number of off-road GPS system options available to accommodate every user’s personal preference. And for those who prefer to carry a single device such as an iPhone, iPad, or rugged phone, you won’t go wrong by choosing the off-road-focused onX Offroad Maps app at a fraction of the cost of most standalone GPS units.

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