Off-Roading Essential Gear

The backcountry can be an ever-changing and unforgiving place, especially if you’re unprepared for the harsh realities of off-roading in rugged terrain. When Overlanding, it’s critical to properly prepare for each trip ahead of time by putting together an off-roading essentials kit with the emergency must-haves needed for efficient on-the-trail repairs and recovery in the backcountry.

Here at onX Offroad, we enjoy and support all forms of off-roading—no matter if it’s of the two or four-wheel variety. So, we set out to help fellow off-road enthusiasts better prepare for their next adventure by putting together a suggested list of must-haves for off-roading, which includes trail tools, emergency and rescue items, navigation equipment, and other essential off-road necessities.

Off Roading Essentials
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Emergency Essentials for Off-Roading

Some of the most necessary items to carry when off-roading in the backcountry are emergency items, especially when exploring in remote areas or in the high country where temperatures and trail conditions can fluctuate wildly. Emergency essentials we recommend carrying on your vehicle include:

Emergency Essentials for Off-roading

First-Aid Kit – There are many offerings on the market for first-aid kits, but we recommend sticking with one designed for adventures, such as the kits offered by Adventure Medical or My Medic. Important factors for choosing a first-aid kit should include portability and durability with a protective, padded carrying case that’s easy to access when needed.

Work Light or Headlamp – Another emergency essential is a quality work light or headlamp for those after-hours emergencies and repairs in the dark. When purchasing a flashlight or headlamp, be sure to consider size, weight, battery life, recharging method, and candlepower (brightness).

Blankets and Layers – A compact and efficient emergency solar blanket is another item that should be a part of your emergency essentials or, at the very least extra base layers in the event of extreme temperature changes.

Fire Making Supplies – You never know when a vehicle breakdown or other trail mishap can lead to an unplanned overnight stay. That’s why it’s important to carry a kit with the necessary supplies needed to start a fire.

Food and Water – Packing the bare essentials like food and water should be an integral part of planning any backcountry Overlanding adventure. No matter if you’re headed out for a few hours or a few days, planning ahead with extra food and water can be the difference between comfort and crisis.

Rescue Essentials for Off-Roading

Accidents, injuries, and other emergencies can happen when off-roading, and there’s nothing worse than being stranded in the backcountry with a broken-down vehicle or injury and no cell service. Essential Rescue items we recommend carrying on your person or vehicle include:

Rescue Essentials for Off-roading

Satellite Communicator – Offline communicators like the Somewear Global Hotspot or SPOT X® provides off-roading enthusiasts with the ability to communicate even when out of cellular service range.

Two-Way Radios or Walkie Talkies – Keep multiple vehicle groups together and avoid party members getting lost and separated with radios—even without cell service. With its own wireless communication protocol, two-way radios and walkie-talkies allow off-roaders to stay connected when cell service is not possible.

Repair Essentials for Off-Roading

Off-Roading Repair Gear

To better prepare for the many trail hazards that can render any off-road vehicle useless, it’s important to carry the items needed for common trail repairs, such as a flat tire, dead battery, or loose bodywork. The following items are the bare minimum recommended for on-the-trail repairs.

Repair Essentials for Off-Roading

Gloves – A good pair of work gloves make on-the-trail repairs much easier by protecting hands from scrapes, cuts, and skinned knuckles. They also can second as an added layer of warmth when conditions turn chilly.

Hand Tool Set – A quality set of hand tools will include various wrenches, ratchets, and sockets in the sizes needed for the vehicle you are driving are a must for making repairs in a backcountry setting faster and easier.

Tire Repair Kit – Changing a flat tire in the wild can be a hassle or straightforward, depending upon whether you have a proper tire repair kit. These kits contain everything needed for repairing a tire when in less than ideal conditions.

Off-Road Jack – A critical part of changing a tire or making other repairs requires a good off-road jack with compact portability. Jacks should be made from quality materials with a solid base that’s easy to use and a load capacity high enough for the vehicle.

Inflator/Compressor – A compact portable air compressor is another must-have for making remote repairs. You will have everything needed for proper inflation after tire repairs, especially when paired with an off-roads-specific tire repair kit and jack.

Charger/Starter – A dead battery can mean an early end to any off-road adventure, so it’s imperative to carry a portable charger that’s capable of jump-starting your vehicle. Be sure to choose a charger or starter pack that’s able to accommodate the engine size of the vehicle you’re driving.

Duct Tape and Zip Ties – Two of the most useful items that are often underrated. Carrying duct tape and zip ties makes impromptu fixes to things like loose bodywork, broken equipment, and other minor repairs where flexibility is a must.

Winch bumper for Off road Recovery

Recovery Gear for Off-Roading

Vehicle Recovery items aid off-roaders in precarious situations, such as when removing a buried vehicle from mud, snow, sand, or other problems where a vehicle is stuck and needs assistance. Recovery essentials we recommend as a start point include the following:

Recovery Essentials for Off-Roading

Recovery Kit – Recovery kits and accessories come in many forms in the off-roading world. These kits are typically pre-assembled to include a recovery strap, snatch block, shackles, tree trunk protector, and gloves. Check for weight ratings when making a purchase, and take some time to familiarize yourself and understand how each item in the kit will work with your vehicle.

Earth Anchor – Winching a vehicle is a regular occurrence in the backcountry, but what happens when there are no rocks or trees in sight to attach to? Carrying an earth anchor solves this problem by allowing the user to drive an anchor point into the ground when there are no above-ground anchor points in close enough proximity.

Vehicle Recovery Boards – These traction mats help with vehicle extraction by providing a raised platform with a flat, grippy surface to keep the vehicle from spinning when stuck in mud, snow, or sand. These boards can also typically double as a pad for placing a tire-changing jack.

Other Essential Off-Roading Accessories

There are hundreds of innovative and helpful items one can choose to carry when off-roading, and here are a few more that we recommend bringing when on a backcountry adventure.

Essential Off-Roading accessories

Fluid Storage – Carrying extra water and fuel is imperative when on longer trips or in extremely remote locations. Liquid utility containers like the Armadillo Bag™ from Giant Loop or Rotopax™ fuel and water packs provide a safe and reliable way to carry extra fluids.

Shovel – Although not an absolute must for off-roading, another all-around handy item to carry is a compact, foldable shovel to aid with the recovery process when an extraction is necessary. Things to consider when making a purchase are blade type, handle length, and overall portability.

Fire Extinguisher – Vehicle fires can happen when off-roading, so it pays to be prepared with a reliable and easily accessible fire extinguisher. Off-road extinguishers use formulas that fight common vehicle fires that result from fuel leaks, electrical issues, and overheating engines.

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Off-Road Navigation

Plan Ahead for Your Next Off-Road Adventure

At first, it may seem a little overwhelming to plan and prepare for an off-road adventure. Still, we hope that armed with the above list of essentials, you will have a jumping-off point to begin your research and help answer questions like “What should I bring off-roading” or “What tools do I need for off-roading?” Start at the top of the list, take one section at a time, and better prepare yourself for the unknowns of off-roading. No matter what you choose to bring with you in the backcountry, exercise caution, prepare for the extremes, and above all, have fun, and tread lightly.

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