Best Jeep Festivals

Best Jeep Festivals for Off-Roaders

The Jeep off-road family runs on dirt, adventure, and camaraderie. What better place to find your crew than at a Jeep festival where you can run trails and check out all the rigs, from brand new concepts to vintage mods, all with the same goal: to climb, crawl, rally and off-road on fun trails. Check out some of our favorite Jeep festivals below. Some of which you may still have time to join!

Bantam Jeep Festival 2021

Florida Jeep Jam

Ready for sun, beaches, gentle waves, and a rowdy good time? Head down to Panama City Beach for one of the fastest growing Jeep festivals in the nation: Florida Jeep Jam. Wander around and check out the drool-worthy modified Jeep 4x4s, sign up for trail rides, take your chances on the obstacle course, enjoy a drive-in movie with the family, and more—all while helping raise money for Florida charities.

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Easter Jeep Safari

One of the most popular festivals in the West, the Easter Jeep Safari, held every spring, brings together 4×4 off-road enthusiasts from around the world. The event started in 1967 by the Moab Chamber of Commerce and is still run by volunteers and Jeep owners passionate about off-roading (although you do not need a Jeep to participate). There are trails for every experience level and registration includes necessary permits. Been dreaming of Moab but not sure where to start? Follow an expert guide and enjoy the drive at Easter Jeep Safari. 

Easter Jeep Safari 2021


Unlike other Jeep festivals, the All-4-Fun Event, put on by the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado, is unique in that the location changes every year. Previous events include Buena Vista, Empire, Leadville, Silverton, and many more. For adventurers and off-roaders who love to explore new places and trails, this is the event for you. Whether hitting the trails on your own or with a group of friends there are plenty of options for camping and lodging. Test your skills as a driver on tougher trails or simply check out the stunning Colorado scenery. At this event you are encouraged to drive at your own pace/experience level and really customize your trip. 

Jeep Jamboree

More than just a single festival, Jeep Jamboree is a series of off-road adventure weekends for “down-to-earth people and their Jeep 4x4s.” Jeep Jamboree started in 1954 when the founder traveled across the Sierra Nevada mountains in his Jeep vehicle by way of the Rubicon Trail. Since then the event has expanded to include off-road trips across the country. Registration for every trip fills up within minutes in December, but don’t despair—if you don’t get a chance to register, hop on their waitlist. Make sure you read up on every trip; some trails are expert only and require highly modified vehicles.

Jeep Jamboree Rubicon Trail Event

Toledo Jeep Fest

If you’re a Jeep owner and enthusiast, then you can’t miss a trip to headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. Parade your 4×4 through the streets or sip a cold one while spectating at the Toledo Jeep Fest. Want to put your Jeep vehicle to the test? Sign up for the off-road obstacle course with 18 obstacles and then get in line for the “Extreme Trail-Ready Throwdown” put on by the Glass City Crawlers and Wicked Jeeps.

Bantam Jeep Festival

Welcome to the birthplace of the Bantam BRC, the vehicle that evolved into Jeep 4x4s: Butler, Pennsylvania. In celebration of the ever-popular four-wheel vehicles, the Friends of the Bantam Jeep Association have put on this massive festival for the last 20 years just an hour north of Pittsburg. Every year thousands of Jeep 4×4 vehicles and over 100,000 spectators join together for the off-road vendors, trails, obstacles, and activities for the entire family. While you’re there, check out some more off-road trails in Pennsylvania.

Bantam Jeep Festival 2022

Jeep Beach

With over 200,000 visitors and 20,000 Jeeps, Jeep Beach is one of the largest “Jeep Only” events in the country. Hosted at Daytona International Speedway, this show also attracts over 200 vendors showcasing the industry’s latest innovations. Jeep Beach is a week-long event with tons of planned activities including a 5K Fun Run, Beach Scavenger Hunt, Charity Softball Game, Show & Shine, Sound-off Competition, Track Lap, and much more. Camp on-site or stay at a local hotel and even enter the Jeep Beach drawing for your chance to win some amazing prizes such as a 2022 Wrangler Jeep Beach special edition and a 2022 5×8 Off Road Mini Camper. 

Training for Jeep Festivals

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