Trail Reports for Current Conditions + Closures

Seasons change and so do trails. Now you can view and submit current conditions and trail closures right in the App. Know where you can go and what conditions are ahead with Trail Report.

How To View and Submit Trail Reports

Start by tapping any blue Featured Trail to view or submit a Trail Report.


While you’re planning your trip, check out the recent Trail Reports to know what conditions and closures may be affecting the area.

Select Trail

Tap a blue Featured Trail.

Find Trail Report

Select “All Reports” or toggle to “Trail Report” in the top toolbar of the info card.

View Latest Report

The reports are sorted with the newest at the top.

See All Reports

Scroll down to see all reports, and tap one to view full details.


Trail Reports can be added while outside of service and will automatically submit once you’re back in cell coverage.

Select Trail

Tap the blue Featured Trail you want to submit details for.

Add a Report

Select “Add Trail Report,” then choose the date and your vehicle.

Choose Status

Choose a Trail Status: Open, Obstructed, Temporarily Closed, or Permanently Closed.

Add Details

Report any relevant details for conditions, obstructions, and closures from the prompts below. Once finished, submit your report.

Want to Access Trail Reports?

Upgrade to Premium or Elite.

Off-Road Trail Status + Conditions

Make informed decisions about where to off-road with Trail Report. See details about open and closed status, and what conditions or obstructions were recently reported.

Normal, Dusty, Muddy/Wet, Snow/Ice, Rough/Deteriorated, Washboard.

Seasonal Closure, Closed Gate, Posted Sign, Fire Danger, Weather Event, Trail Restoration. Temporarily Closed will present a subsequent user step to also enter when the trail will be open.

Washout, Deep Snow, Downed Tree, Impassable Water Crossing, Broken Down Vehicle, Other.

Officially Closed Sign, Posted Private Property, Heavily Barricaded with Natural Material, Locked Gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do trails close?

Trails close for a variety of reasons, both temporary and permanent. Trails often have seasonal open and close dates for when they’re accessible for use. Weather events, fire danger, or trail restoration and maintenance can also limit access to trails. For those that are closed permanently, it’s generally due to underuse and lack of maintenance resources, barricades, private property, and locked gates. Check to see if you can go with onX Offroad’s Trail Report.

How can I make sure a trail is open before I go?

Use onX Offroad to check for open trails. Tap any trail for a detailed overview, including open and closed dates. For the most current conditions and closure information, tap a blue Featured Trail to check out the Trail Report.

Can I submit a Trail Report without cell service?

 Yes, you can submit a Trail Report with current conditions or closure information while you’re outside cell coverage. Fill in the submission with relevant details, and the report will automatically submit once you’re back in coverage.

Can I go on a closed trail in an off-road vehicle?

Check before you go, and always adhere to any closure requirements and signage on a trail. Trails can often be closed due to needing restoration, lack of maintenance, or because it would be considered trespassing.