Off-Road Trail Maps

Whether you’re close to home or somewhere new, quickly find your next off-road adventure with just a tap on the map. Explore over 600k miles of nationwide interactive trails for 4×4, SxS, ATV, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. Color-coded trails make it easy to scan the map and see which are open or closed. Tap on any trail for more details like clearance level, difficulty rating, duration, access dates, trail photos, and more.

Easy-To-Find Off-Road Trails

We design our maps to be intuitive for the off-roader. Built-in interactive trails feature guidebook-quality content that gives off-roaders the info they want without the extra noise. Search nearby trails in Discover mode, filter trails by vehicle type, or scan the map and tap on any green, red, or blue trail to pull up additional info. Less time sifting through confusing layers means more time in the dirt and snow.

Watch and Learn:
Find Offroad Trails


Learn how to Go Farther with adventurer, fabrication expert, and onX Offroad ambassador Nate Pickel from Dirt Lifestyle. Nate shares his tips and tricks on finding and scouting off-road trails on both desktop and mobile. Watch the video to learn how to plan better adventures by getting the most out of onX Offroad.


Trial vs Paid

onX Offroad Basic includes limited access to Featured Trails for free. Try the 7-day Trial for fully featured interactive trail maps that are color-coded by open/closed status along with public and private land boundaries and ownership information.



What’s On The Map?

Find off-road trails wherever you want to explore. Play around with different tools to customize your planning experience: scan for open trails in a new area, filter for vehicle accessibility, or search off-road trails that are nearby right now.

Dirt or Snow

Choose your adventure with nationwide motorized trail maps for Dirt and Snow.

Featured Trails

Tap on a trail highlighted in blue for guidebook-quality overviews that include detailed descriptions, difficulty and technical ratings, trail length, elevation, and vehicle-type accessibility.

Vehicle Type

Find the trails you want fast. Filter your map by Trail Types for dirt bike, 50”, high clearance 4×4, and full-width roads.

Open or Closed?

Motorized trails are baked into the map and color-coded for quick identification: Green Trails=Open; Red Trails=Closed; Blue Trails=Featured Routes; Purple Trails=Snowmobile Access (only in Snow mode)

Map Views

View aerial satellite imagery or topography separately or together in hybrid to understand the shape of the terrain and trails.

Recreation Points

Plan your trip with over 500k recreation points for campsites, boat launches, hot springs, non-ethanol fuel stations, trailheads, and more.

Plan at Home or Send It On the Go

Your Ultimate At-Home 3D Planning Tool

Level up your planning experience with onX Offroad in 3D on your desktop. Tilt, pan, and zoom along trails as they wind through the terrain, scout open riding areas in the virtual landscape, or find a secluded camp spot with an epic view. Next to wheels on the ground, this is the closest you’ll get to being there.

Navigate Off-Road Trails From Your Vehicle’s Dash

After you expertly plan your trip in 3D, you’re ready to send it with onX Offroad in-dash. Experience the freedom of hands-free off-road navigation and  interactive trails and land boundaries with onX Offroad + Carplay and Android Auto.

Explore Nationwide Off-Road Trails Today

Customizable maps and nationwide motorized trails that are accessible on and offline–with new routes and content added regularly. Whether you’re on two wheels or four, exploring close to home or someplace new, ripping dirt or shredding snow, onX Offroad is the tool for finding your next trip off the pavement.

Meet the Mappers

Our Trail Guides are the human-powered machine behind onX Offroad’s guidebook-quality trail content. This passionate team of off-road enthusiasts are out there meticulously mapping and detailing every Featured Trail that is built into our App, and they’re a huge part of why we can offer the most comprehensive set of offline data available.

Finding Trails in onX Offroad

On Desktop

  1. Login to your account on
  2. Select the Activity icon at the top of your screen and choose Dirt or Snow map mode.
  3. Select desired Trail Types, click “Done” to apply, and return to map.
  4. Click Discover in left toolbar to scroll through trails near you.
  5. Or, simply scan the map for open trails highlighted in green or blue and click on a trail for more information.
    (Remember: red trails are currently closed) 

Pro Tip: Explore trails and terrain in 3D: Activate 3D with the icon in the lower right corner. Click CTRL+Left Mouse Click+Drag Mouse to tilt, pan, and zoom.

In App

  1. Open onX Offroad on your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Select Activity Mode on the bottom left of the home screen.
  3. Choose Dirt or Snow. Apply Vehicle Type and Layers. 
  4. Scan the map for nearby open trails. Remember the color key:
    Green Trails=Open
    Red Trails=Closed
    Blue Trails=Featured Routes
    Purple Trails=Snowmobile Access (only in Snow mode)
  5. Tap on any trail to pull up detailed information.