Introduction to Optimal Wind

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What Is Optimal Wind?

Optimal Wind allows you to view the current wind conditions or set your preferred wind direction at any Waypoint on your map. Use Optimal Wind to understand the conditions and determine which stand locations will put you in the right spot at the right time.

Wind Direction App

Optimal Wind

Wind direction is arguably the most influential factor that goes into a whitetail hunt. Understanding the wind direction without a visual can be difficult, particularly if you are trying to picture multiple different locations and what the wind will be doing at each. Now, Optimal Wind from onX Hunt makes choosing stand locations based on that day’s weather conditions easier than ever. Set Optimal Wind at each of your stand locations and easily determine the options you have for that day’s conditions and where you need to sit to fill your tag.

Staying organized and strategizing my hunting property has always been part of why I’m addicted to using onX Hunt. With the new Optimal Wind feature, you can physically see exactly what the wind is doing at any of your stand locations.
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How to Use Optimal Wind

Tap Any Waypoint
Tap on any Waypoint on your map. Then, under Waypoint Tools, tap “Wind Direction”.
Show Current or Set Optimal
Choose whether you want to see the Current Wind Direction on your Waypoint or set an Optimal Wind for this location.
Setting Optimal Wind
After selecting Optimal Wind, a pie chart with wind directions will appear around your Waypoint. Tap the wind directions that suit that particular location.
Applying Optimal Wind
The Optimal Wind directions you choose will turn green. When you’re finished, tap “Apply” to set the Optimal Wind direction for the Waypoint’s location.
Your Optimal Wind
Based on the day’s wind conditions, each Waypoint at which you set an Optimal Wind or Current Wind Direction will appear with a green, orange, or red scale for optimal, marginal or poor wind conditions, respectively.  

Optimal Wind FAQs

Why is wind direction important?

Whitetails’ sense of smell is 500-1,000 times more acute than that of a human. Smell serves as an early warning system for sensing nearby danger, and understanding where your scent is blowing is crucial for a successful hunt.

If I see a north wind, for example, is the wind blowing from or toward the north?

The wind direction you see is the direction from which the wind is coming. A north wind, then, is blowing from north to south.

Where does onX Hunt’s wind data come from?

We source our weather information from a network of more than 70,000 weather stations across the country. Wind data you see for a Waypoint is pulled from the nearest weather station.