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Limited Edition Knife Drops Throughout The Year: Stay Tuned!

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Montana Knife Company

You won’t find any list of essential hunting equipment that excludes a knife. Whether it’s just good enough to get the job done or something built to last for generations, a knife has a place on any and every hunt. At onX we strongly believe in having the right tools for the job, which is why we’ve partnered with Montana Knife Company and Master Bladesmith Josh Smith. Designed by and for serious hunters, we’re proud to offer onX Elite Members a limited edition Knife collaboration with MKC, built to last multiple lifetimes. Additionally, Elite Members will receive notice of upcoming secret drops from MKC, so you never miss a chance to discover and own the only hunting knife you’ll ever need, although you may find you want more than one.

Elite Members have access to an exclusive limited run onX Hunt edition Blackfoot knife + members-only drops on upcoming knife releases.

  • Limited Edition onX Hunt Blackfoot Fixed Blade 2.0. Offered At Select Times: Featuring the onX Hunt Logo, parkerized 52100 Carbon Steel Blade, durable and light G-10 Handle Scales, and lifetime sharpening. The Blackfoot is a  made in the USA designed for versatility as your do-it-all knife for any and every outdoor pursuit.
  • Exclusive Elite-only notice of Knife Drops: Be in the know for upcoming product releases from Montana Knife Company

onX Hunt Employee: Dylan Dowson

I remember trying a Montana Knife Company knife on a successful elk hunt a couple of years ago and was blown away how much better it was than the knives I had been using. Ever since, I won’t leave home without one and there is always one in my kill-kit during hunting seasons. I am still incredibly impressed how sharp they are, and even more so, how easily they can be sharpened. I have never been great at sharpening knives, but I can get my Montana Knife Company knives “like new” with minimal effort, even in the field. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

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