Minnesota Deer Hunting Zones 2020

Minnesota deer hunting zones are made up of 130 DPAs (Deer Permit Areas). These zones are grouped by similar habitat, land uses, deer hunter distribution, and deer populations. The MN deer hunting season includes archery in September, youth hunts in October, and hunting with firearms in November. About 181,000 deer are harvested annually with a 36% hunter success rate.

Click any unit in the interactive map below to view zone specific boundaries, harvest rates, lottery info, population, season dates, and more.

Know where to hunt in every Minnesota deer hunting zone with onX Hunt. Get maps for areas like Itasca State Park in central Minnesota, where deer density is as high as 40 deer per square mile, or for DPA 646, which is ranked #1 by the Minnesota DNR for archery hunting because more than four bucks are harvested per square mile and hunters can take unlimited antlerless deer the entire season.

Minnesota’s public lands are valuable places to hunt. Its 56 state forests included three million acres open to the public and nearly all open to hunting. 1,440 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) offer another 1.3 million acres of huntable habitat.

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