onX Hunt for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Navigate Hands-Free

We’ve all been there. You’re driving a new area and see an animal off in the distance. The only thing to do is pull off the road, scrambling to grab your phone to pull up onX and see if it’s on public land. Well… not anymore. Welcome to onX In-Dash.

Offline Maps. Public / Private Layers. Waypoints, Lines, and Tracks. The onX Hunt features you know and love are now visible in the dash of your vehicle using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (coming soon). Use Route Builder (map your route on onX Desktop) to easily build and display a route to a determined location, then snap to the best route to help easily navigate to that location. Navigate-To (coming soon) guides you to your destination with a familiar step-by-step process, ensuring you can keep your focus on the road, the conditions, and potential hunting ground.

Upgrade to Navigate Hands-Free

Connect your phone to your in-dash vehicle display to access onX Hunt on CarPlay and Android Auto.

New onX Hunt In-Dash With CarPlay and Android Auto

Connect your phone to your in-dash vehicle display to access onX Hunt on CarPlay and Android Auto (coming soon) for hands-free, easy viewing. onX In-Dash allows you to see land ownership, hunt layers, roads and trails, and more on a larger screen while in your vehicle. You can now easily navigate to and from your hunting location without reaching for your phone. Keep your eyes on the roads and on the fields, while we take care of hands-free navigation with road information, property boundaries, and more.

Getting Started With Apple CarPlay

Here are some tips to help you connect onX Offroad and Apple CarPlay.

  • Download onX Hunt. Already have the App? Make sure you have the latest update.
  • Check if your vehicle is compatible with Apple CarPlay.
  • Plug your phone into your in-dash unit.
  • Tap Apple CarPlay on your in-dash menu, and then tap onX Hunt.

Route Builder:
Plan Your Route to Your Hunt

Elite onX Members can build a route with Route Builder using onX on Desktop (mobile coming soon) to help you determine the best route to get to your next hunting location, then easily display that information on your vehicle’s in-dash system. You can build a route on any road displayed in onX Hunt, opening up possibilities to new scouting and hunting grounds. (As always, make sure to verify public roads before you build and confirm a route.) Utilize the snap-to or point draw tools to build an easy-to-follow route for when you are in the field driving to your destination. 

Navigate-To and Turn-by-Turn (Coming Soon)

Want directions to a certain point in the onX Hunt App, but don’t want to keep glancing at your phone? Use the Navigate-To feature to navigate to your saved Waypoints. Tap on a Waypoint or created route and select “navigate to” to access turn-by-turn navigation from your default mapping program (Google or Apple Maps) to get you to your next hunt. Follow the directions via In-Dash through Car Play or Android Auto.

“The ability to keep my eyes on the fields (and, okay, the road) while driving and still knowing where public / private boundaries and my Waypoints are is a game changer. Everything I have in onX on my phone—map markups, saved Offline Maps, and more—shows up on the larger screen in my truck. Going to be getting a lot of use from this scouting and during the season.”

Steve M.


How do I connect onX Hunt to my vehicle?

It’s simple. Go hands-free today by connecting to your vehicle’s in-dash functionality. Just plug in, select onX from the CarPlay / Android Auto menu, and start scouting public/private land boundaries as you go.

What can I view with In-Dash:

Anything you normally view on the onX Hunt App on your phone can also be viewed with In-Dash. View your saved map markups, public / private land boundaries, saved Offline Maps, different basemaps (including 3D), and more.

What can I access with my Premium, Premium Two-State, or Elite Membership:

In-Dash viewing with CarPlay and Android Auto is available for Premium, Premium Two-State, and Elite Members. Turn-by-Turn and Route Builder are Elite-only features. Haven’t upgraded yet? When you do, you’ll not only get access to these two features, but also a suite of Elite-only benefits, maps for all 50 states, and more. Read more here.

Can I drive all roads displayed in onX Hunt?

The onX Hunt App In-Dash displays all roads within our database. It’s up to the user to confirm on-the-ground access, new gates which may have been put in place, and various road conditions.

Upgrade to Navigate Hands-Free

Connect your phone to your in-dash vehicle display to access onX Hunt on CarPlay and Android Auto.