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onX Backcountry Reviews and Testimonials

Whether you’re new to GPS Mapping apps for outdoor activities or simply interested in learning more about onX Backcountry, here’s a list of online reviews that will help you know what to expect from our product, our support services, and our brand. Hear from other customers, industry professionals, and news outlets who have benefited from using onX in the field. Thanks for your interest in onX Backcountry!

onX Backcountry App Reviews

App Store: 4.5/5 Stars out of 685 Ratings

Google Play Store: 3.7/5 out of 488 ratings

Great App, Replaces My Use of Other Apps

Redrockclimber77 – February 13, 2022

I have tried several apps for backcountry exploring – Gaia, Avenza, etc. This is the handiest so far as it has excellent base maps with property boundaries! Living out west in a rural areas, it’s crucial to know what is public and what is private. It’s the sole reason I bought this. The Offline Maps work great, the different sport options are fun (have only used snowshoeing so far) and the Tracking and Waypoint creation process is easy. The only downside is it drains my phone battery fast, but so do the equivalent apps. Always bring a back up. OnX was the go to for hunters I know and I love that there is an app for non-hunters as well.

This App Saved My Toes

Ben D. – January 3, 2021

Tried this out when backpacking Big Bend for the first time. Ended up getting snowed into a mountaintop campsite with a historic amount of snow. We couldn’t see any trail or tracks at all, but needed to get down in time to prevent frostbite. This app gave us the confidence we were going the right way to return to the base.

The tracking works remarkably well, and the UI is fairly intuitive. Also seeing the difficulty gradient along the trails is very useful for planning and decision-making. My only suggestion would be to make it easier to access and view stats on previously tracked hikes. The only way I could find to access them was by tapping on the path on the map, but sometimes I had hiked the same segment many times making this an imprecise way to find precious data.

Amazing Maps and Features

Chris – September 29, 2022

I cross-country ski, bike, hike and snowshoe. onX has the best set of features, yet. Full sync between iPhone and iPad, wildfire history, waypoints, tracks, up to date satellite images. 

Wow – makes my trip planning and tracking much better. 


“The $29 backpacking tool I should’ve bought sooner.” – Dan Becker

“onX Backcountry is changing the game. Beacon Guidebooks is proud to partner with this reliable, accurate, and thorough digital tool.

Our partners at onX are taking avalanche terrain information to the next level. Their huge toolkit of decision making tools lie on a foundation of quality, accuracy, and reliability. The onX App is an excellent digital compliment to our growing book and map collection.

Andy Sovick
Founder, Beacon Guidebooks

onX Backcountry is a versatile app that works well for any season and any type of terrain. Year-round outdoor adventure enthusiasts will appreciate the duality of trail mode and snow mode. In Trail Mode you’ll have instant access to all the recreation points, hiking trails, and backpacking routes that exist in any given area.

Ski Magazine

While other apps let you drop generic Waypoints, onX has a huge range of customizable options when you drop a coordinate, with icons for slide paths, skin tracks, snow pits, general hazards, rappels, river crossings, and whole host of other choices that I thought were super fun including mushrooms or foraging spots.


A few specific snow features I’ve appreciated are the ability to toggle between filters when using it offline. If I want to turn slope angle off, but keep the avalanche forecast on, I can do that or vice versa. I can also change the orientation of the screen so north is always at the top, choose whether the blue dot illuminates the direction I’m facing and I can check the weather to see what the wind and barometer are up to, all offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the onX backcountry app free?

onX Backcountry offers a free 7 day trial, as well as a Basic subscription option. To utilize the app to its fullest, a Premium subscription is recommended. Learn more about the different pricing options here.

What is the difference between onX Backcountry and onX Hunt?

onX Backcountry is designed to provide an intuitive set of tools for hikers, backcountry skiers, cross-country skiers, backpackers, and snowshoers whereas onX Hunt was built to serve hunters.

Who is the onX Backcountry App for?

The onX Backcountry app is for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to go into the wilderness with confidence using our suite of map tools to help them plan their trips beforehand and navigate while in the field.