Bugaboos to Rogers Pass Traverse, British Columbia

In year four of Cody Townsend’s “The Fifty Project,” we’re showcasing his lines and route descriptions in onX Backcountry. Go deeper on The Fifty Project and get the beta from Cody on how he plans, executes, and conquers these 50 descents.

Watch The Fifty: Bugaboos To Rogers Pass Traverse

Watch The Fifty: Bugaboos To Rogers Pass Traverse

This 8 to 10 day traverse, takes the skier through three mountain ranges in which dodging weather, animals, avalanches, and exhaustion will inevitably be part of the experience. This is part one of two in the Bugs to Rogers traverse and guest stars skier Tobin Seagal.

The Bugs to Rogers Traverse – Part 1

Duration 19:37
In Part 1 of the Bugs to Rogers Traverse, Cody and Friends set off on their attempt to complete this traverse. It’s no meadow skipping glacier cruise, the Bugs to Rogers Traverse a full on test of mountain skills and mental grit.

The Bugs to Rodgers Traverse – Part 2

Duration 15:59
In Part 2 of the Bugs to Rogers Traverse, Cody and Friends continue their trek across the Canadian wilderness. After a cliffhanger in Part 1, the crew battles wild animals and fatigue in this episode.

The Bugs to Rodgers Traverse – Part 3


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The Fifty Project Guidebook: Bugaboos to Rogers Pass Traverse

onX Backcountry has partnered with Cody Townsend to bring you guidebook quality descriptions of routes in The Fifty Project from Cody himself. Read his beta on Bugaboos to Rogers Pass Traverse. Start your free trial of onX Backcountry today to view these lines and descriptions in the App.


Argued by some, as the most classic traverse in North America. It’s 8 to 10 days of wild adventure through the Bugaboos, Purcells, and Selkirk Mountain Ranges. Though it’s traveled often, it’s anything but a gimme. The roughly 90-mile traverse utilizes just about every mountain skill required to become an expert ski mountaineer. Every day there is a crux, and those cruxes can include everything like white out conditions, avalanche, technical rope work, winter camping, and wildlife. This will test your skills, experience, grit, and ability to enjoy 90 miles of walking in wet frozen ski boots. 

Photo: @BjarneSalen


First completed by Bill Briggs, Barry Corbet, Sterling Neale, and Bob French in 1958.

Photo: @bjarnesalen


Illecillewaet Trailhead, Roger’s Pass, Glacier National Park, Canada. Parking Permits and Winter Permits required to ski on Roger’s Pass. Overnight Permits required if overnighting in the backcountry. Do not ski Roger’s Pass without them!

Photo: @the.fifty.project

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