Woodbury Mountain Lower Trail

Total Miles


433.05 ft


1 Hours

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Best Time

Fall, Summer

Trail Overview

Lower trail area beginning from the parking area at the end of Tallman Road, continuing towards Eagle Ledge Road, and meeting up with Woodbury Mountain Road main trail. It's a scenic trail with multiple route options and areas to explore, posted route leads up to the main Woodbury Mountain Trail. The route has multiple rock ledges up to 3ft, with many alternate routes around the most difficult lines. There are multiple deep water crossing along the route, some depending on recent weather and the current status of beaver dams may be deeper than 4ft. I highly recommend going with multiple vehicles with recovery gear, and being ready to cross at least 24" deep water. Trail gains elevation after the water crossings, leading up to the higher ground and trails on Woodbury Mountain Road. This section makes a great start/end point to do the section of Woodbury Mountain Road that has most of the fun obstacles. I recommend this route leading to WMR, heading south on that trail until it reaches West County Road, and returning to the start point.

Photos of Woodbury Mountain Lower Trail

Woodbury Mountain Lower Trail
Woodbury Mountain Lower Trail
Woodbury Mountain Lower Trail


Be prepared for deep water crossings at a minimum of 24'. After the crossings along the trail there are a few ledges with the harder lines having a 2-2.5ft ledge to climb, but offers many lines to suite your ability and rig.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Corbin Peterson
Jun 01, 2023
2013 Jeep Wrangler

Access Description

Locate an open clearing at the end of Tallman Road. Open area to park and air down/prep to begin the trail.

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