Lynch Hill Loop

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This is legally a Class 4 town road, so anything on it should technically be registered. Typically, the main loop is a fairly mild drive through the woods. There are options to get a bit more radical if you want to try the Moretown Mountain Escape Spur, Kelley Brook Road, or Lynch Trail, which are accessible from this loop. The pines up on top of the hill were logged over the winter of 2024, and as such, it's gotten a bit nastier. You can expect a mix of rocky creek beds, muddy logging roads, and several dug-out creek crossings that will require an aggressive tire and decent approach and departure angles. Typical Vermont wildlife is abundant once you are out there. Deer and birds of all kinds are regular sights; even occasionally a moose, black bear, coyote, and bobcat can be spotted if you are lucky.

Photos of Lynch Hill Loop

Lynch Hill Loop
Lynch Hill Loop
Lynch Hill Loop


Most of the main loop is suitable for a full-width 4x4, as long as your approach and departure angles are decent and you have a fairly aggressive tire to deal with the new mud. The spur on the end is much harder and more technical, but you don't have to run it to complete the route. It does, however, dump you out onto Moretown Mountain Road. That is much better left to high-clearance 4x4s, ATVs, and dirt bikes, as it's much narrower, steeper, and chock full of slick rock ledges.


The town keeps this as a fire road and access to a number of hunting camps. People do live in the area, so please be respectful. All along the route is private property. Most of it's posted, so even if you see a mud hole that someone else has hit, if it's not clearly on the road, keep out.

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