Twisty Turny Teeth Chattering Powerline Trail

Total Miles


1408.8 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

This moderately easy trail twists and turns as it generally follows along the main utility lines. There are long loose rocky hills and minor washouts with expansive views around every corner. Someone ran a grader over it, and it appears to have removed some large boulders but left large holes behind in their wake. Generally, it's pretty rocky as a trail surface. This trail connects the network of routes to the Enterprise Reservoir trail. There are two bars of LTE cell service. No good camping sites were noticed aside from the open area at the north end, which may be more of a staging area versus somewhere one would like to camp. There is also access to the ATV trails' southern entrance from this route.


Generally, easy it's just really rocky, some of the rocks on the hill climbs are loose. Watch for deep potholes.

Technical Rating