Tusher Canyon Trail

Total Miles


1425.96 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Traveling into the wash that flows out of Tusher Canyon, this 7.5-mile trail takes you all the way through the canyon with high sandstone cliffs on both sides. If it's recently rained, this canyon will have water crossings and runoff areas. There are areas of erosion and ruts in some places, but nothing too challenging. The scenery is spectacular.


A dirt trail, primarily. Water crossings would depend on recent rains. Beautiful sandstone cliffs on both sides of the canyon, large boulders, much to see, but an easy trail. Our SXS is 75" wide, and we had no problem maneuvering the canyon.

Technical Rating


Access Description

From Green River, UT, take Hastings Street (Road 154) north to the trail. 154 is a paved road. You can stage in Green River or at the trailhead.