Sinbad Valley Arch and Petroglyphs Loop

Total Miles


2146.91 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Fall

Trail Overview

It's a beautiful short loop in the Sinbad Valley that features petroglyphs and a natural arch. We took a SxS and were easily able to fit through the gatekeeper tunnel that goes under the freeway. I didn't measure it but I would guess smaller trucks and jeeps may be able to fit, you will have to judge for yourself, but our 4x4 Van would not have fit through. Once across the freeway, the track changes from graded dirt to mostly sandy two-track. Nothing too challenging but there are some off-camber sections for those of you on 4 wheels. There are petroglyphs are on a few of the out and back trails and there is even a natural Arch on the farthest western out and back. We barely scratched the surface of the trail system over here but daylight was escaping us. I'm sure with lots of fuel and free time you could really find some amazing sights back here. Not long or super challenging but well worth the trip if you have a little free time.


The north of the freeway section is sandy and requires passing under the road in a smaller culvert. Airing down is recommended.

Technical Rating