Off-Road Trails in Salt Lake City

Known for its lively downtown and world-class outdoor experiences, Salt Lake City has rightfully attracted an increasing number of visitors over the years. Off-roading near Salt Lake City is a unique way to explore the area’s best features.

Why Off-Road Near Salt Lake City?

The off-road trails near Salt Lake City offer a combination of magnificent views and a variety of obstacles that avid off-roaders will enjoy exploring..Plus, there’s trails fit for beginners, which makes this area ideal for off-roaders of all abilities.

We took into consideration scenery, accessibility, and what users are saying to create a list of the best off-road trails near Salt Lake City.

Butterfield Canyon

Wonderful views and historic sights make Butterfield Canyon one of the most rewarding trails in the area. The trail can be driven in either direction, and it winds through the Oquirrh Mountains, which offers year-round views and tree groves bright with foliage in the fall. Don’t miss catching a view of the Kennecott Copper Mine, one of the largest mines in the world.

Fivemile Pass

Fivemile Pass is a popular moderately-difficult trail that attracts many of the area’s off-roaders. This trail is rough and rugged with varying changes in elevation, which makes it best for off-roaders of intermediate ability but is still one that skilled off-roaders can enjoy. The rocky trail travels through a desert landscape dotted with tributes to the area’s mining past. As a popular community destination, you’ll want to be aware of other trail-goers as you’re navigating Fivemile Pass.

Squaw Peak

Off-roaders seeking epic views should plan an adventure at  Squaw Peak. The moderately difficult trail includes unbeatable views of Rock Canyon, Provo Peak, Cascade Mountain, Camel Pass, and Mount Nebo.  There’s a ton of photo opportunities, so be sure to take your camera. 

Mineral Fork

A common destination for hikers and dirt bikers, Mineral Fork offers something for everybody who relishes the outdoors. This six-mile trail is not noticeably difficult but certainly not boring. Mineral Fork is located above SLC and is the only available open route for off-roaders in the Cottonwoods. It’s perfect to  squeeze some quick off-roading on a busy day and admire views of the Wasatch Range.

Smith Lakes

Off-roaders in search of some serious fun should check out Smith Lakes. This exhilarating trail features bumps, jumps, and obstacles perfect for adrenaline lovers. Plus, the landscape is tough to beat–with popular lakes perfect to stop at along the route. Off-roaders who need adventure cannot leave Smith Lakes unseen. 

Long Haul

Long Haul is a short and sweet off-road trail perfect for a quick escape. The 3-mile trail is rated as easy and is accessible spring through fall, making it ideal for off-roaders of all abilities. Despite it’s short length, Long Haul still serves up the scenic views. 

Dugway Geode Beds

Dugway Geode Beds is about a 40-mile, easy trail of well-maintained dirt roads. Off-roaders looking for a bit of quiet time will appreciate the spacious isolation of this trail. The trail is accessible year round but spring and fall are the recommended times to visit. There are camping spots along the route, and be sure to stop by the Geode Beds to dig for some desert crystals. 

Hastings Pass and Eightmile Spring 

Beginner off-roaders ready for some do-able challenges should check out Hastings Pass and Eightmile Spring. These winding trails combine well to provide trail-goers a bit of a thrill without posing overwhelming challenges. Hastings Pass curves along narrow trails through Cedar Mountain range’s north end. While narrow at times, the roads are wide enough to pass and they’re decently maintained—though not maintained or accessible through winter. The trail is accessible come spring but expect ruts and mud. Summer and fall bring sandy trail conditions, which make it a are a great time to tackle this adventure. 

White River Loop

White River Loop is an ideal all-seasons trail that winds alongside river bottoms. This loop is is a popular destination for group off-roading with plenty of parking and rewarding scenery. The trail features a rest area with a railroad theme and ultimately leads to the stunning Spring Canyon. White Loop Trail makes for a low-key and rewarding trail for all levels of off-roaders.

Baker Hot Springs

Who doesn’t love off-roading to a hot spring? Baker Hot Springs is an easy trail near Delta that leads to three pools large enough for groups. The pools let you adjust the temperature to be as hot or cold as you wish. Baker Hot Springs makes for an ideal afternoon off-roading with friends, complete with some relaxation time in the pools. 

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