Maple Bench Road

Total Miles


1,823.28 ft


4.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Maple Bench Road is a long road that penetrates into the Wellsville Mountains until it meets the wilderness boundary. It is most often used to reach the wilderness trailhead that takes you over Stewart Pass and along the ridge of this great mountain range. It's a fun, quick evening trip to get out and see the pretty scenery and relax with a nice campfire.

Photos of Maple Bench Road

Maple Bench Road
Maple Bench Road
Maple Bench Road

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Alex Pelham
Apr 21, 2024
2021 Ford F-Series Super Duty
Deep Snow
Downed Tree
About 2 3/4 mile up the trail there is a partially downed tree (can be removed) that marks where the snow is still pretty deep. With recent warmer temps, there is slush and ice throughout. Didn’t see anywhere to turn off either. If you do go, past the aspens it gets deeper and less passable.
Andrew F
Apr 13, 2024
2005 Jeep Liberty
Deep Snow
Turned around at the road that goes off to the right(27323). turned around due to deeper snow, should clear up in a couple weeks unless we get another snowstorm. around 2-3 feet deep. Other than that, there was a fallen tree recently cleared and it is also pretty muddy.
Nathan Sandall
Jun 25, 2023

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