Elberta Slant Road/Tintic Railroad Tunnel

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1,842.22 ft



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Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

Trail Overview

The Tintic Railroad Tunnel or Elberta Slant Road is a little known, off-road trail in Northern Utah's Tintic Mountains. It is a short trail ride that can be done in most stock vehicles with high-clearance. The trail is mostly graded gravel roads with a short portion of more difficult trail at the very end that leads to an abandoned railroad tunnel. The tunnel was abandoned after the mining boom in the area died down many years ago. The 235 foot tunnel was used by full sized trains traveling back and forth from local mines. Due to its size, most vehicle's will have plenty of space to drive through the complete length of the tunnel. There are plenty of open areas to turn around in, allowing you to drive the tunnel in both directions, however; the easily navigated trail also turns around and will lead you back to the area you started in. This area of Utah is known for its early history in mining, throughout the trip you will see remnants of this past. The trail does have a lot of exposure and while it is completely open and accessible in the summer time, it can be rather hot. Ideal times for a visit are spring and fall but the tunnel sees visitors year-round. The trail is not clearly marked so it is import that you pay attention to waypoints and I suggest your download the trail prior to coming because cell service is poor.

Photos of Elberta Slant Road/Tintic Railroad Tunnel

Elberta Slant Road/Tintic Railroad Tunnel
Elberta Slant Road/Tintic Railroad Tunnel
Elberta Slant Road/Tintic Railroad Tunnel


Most of this trail is very easy and can be accomplished in stock vehicles. The last .25 miles is a bit more technical and can be done in most vehicles. You may just need to select your lines a bit more carefully.


This trail has evidence of Utah's early mining industry and will be evident throughout the trail.

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Status Reports

Pat & Ekko
May 16, 2024
2015 Jeep Renegade
Andrew F
May 04, 2024
2005 Jeep Liberty
Road from the highway to where you turn to head up to the railroad tunnel was graded recently making for an easy drive, once you turn off the road it gets rougher. Had some fun driving around and spotted a bat chilling in the tunnel.
Ashly Ledesma
Apr 07, 2024
Went down the road after wrapping up this trail to Eureka’s mining museum that was surrounded by vintage buildings that were very charming to look at although most were closed.
Bryson Reed
Apr 06, 2024
2021 Ford Bronco
We started in Little Moab and then made our way on an cool tight trail down to Tintic tunnel. the trail was awesome and the Tunnel was amazing. We exited to redwood road right after Tintic and it was a very easy drive.

Access Description

Getting to this trail if relatively easy but there is no signage or well defined parking. From I-15 you need to take Santaquin Exit and head straight west to the town of Elberta. This town is very small and will be at the intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 68 (Also known as 12800 South). From that intersection you'll travel north for about a half mile. The start of the trail will be on the west side of Highway 68.

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