Buck Ridge Cut-Across (FS 4058/Paiute D-3/1A)

Total Miles


3,129.94 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Buck Ridge Cut-Across drops down through the valley just north of Buck Ridge. It is a good road because it's also used by loggers in the summertime. They're cleaning out burned/dead trees, salvaging what's usable, and piling the trash to be burned some cold wintery day. You drop from over 10,000 feet down to 8,600 feet. The views are being improved by the logging operations, for sure. In the near future, the regrowth will be amazing. The road is dusty, but not terribly steep or difficult as long as it's dry. If it's muddy, this will be a mess because of the fine dust. Above and below where the fire happened, the forest is healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. At the bottom of the trail, you find the Three Creeks Reservoir. This is an easy trail, full-width with room to meet another vehicle, as long as it's not a logging truck. Off-roading requirements in Utah include the online education course certificate and an OHV sticker.


When it's dry, this trail is a 2. If muddy, it would rate higher. There's a significant loss of elevation, but it's not terribly steep. Dust is a bigger problem than rocks.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

Take UT-153 west out of Junction, Utah, and follow it to this trail. From Marysvale, Utah, you can get there almost completely on dirt by taking the Old Highway 89 Road, which is paved, west from Highway 89 just south of Lizzie & Charlie's RV Park. It runs south to South Thompsonville Road. Go left on South Thompsonville and follow it to Marysvale to Piute Reservoir Dam Trail, which is also Old Highway 89. Go south on Old Highway 89 (Piute Reservoir Dam Trail) until you reach Fallen Tree Gulch. Use Fallen Tree Gulch to access the Powerline Trail. Follow Powerline to UT-153. Take a right on 153 and follow it to this trail.

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