Black Dragon Canyon Pictographs

Total Miles


1,377.81 ft


4 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

All types of off-road vehicles, including Jeeps and trucks, would be able to ride this trail. The dirt road to the pictographs is about 1.24 miles. You won't encounter too many obstacles, in fact, it is a pretty tame road. Enjoy being surrounded on all sides by 400-foot cliffs and look out for the interesting red and orange rocks. The trail continues past where the pictographs are located, but it narrows signifcantly at points to where Jeeps or trucks would not make it. Standard ATVs and SxSs would have little difficulty in venturing past where the rock art is. Could be impassable with snow during winter. Peterson Point will have snow much of the winter.

Photos of Black Dragon Canyon Pictographs

Black Dragon Canyon Pictographs
Black Dragon Canyon Pictographs
Black Dragon Canyon Pictographs

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Chris Brooks
Apr 06, 2024
We took our 4x4 sprinter van into the canyon, stopping at two different areas to see rock art. Very easy driving until you get into the canyon where things get more interesting. After the pictograph stop in the canyon, we went about another quarter mile before turning around. We aren't experts off-road and felt the challenge beyond that point wouldn't be worth it for us. Great drive and a nice place to overnight.

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