Shooting Tree Ridge Road

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679.84 ft


0.75 Hours

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Spring, Fall

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Shooting Tree Ridge is a gravel forest road located within the Jocassee Gorges of upstate South Carolina, just east of Lake Jocassee in Pickens County. The 8.5-mile trail runs from Cleo Chapman Highway in Eastatoee, north to Horse Pasture Road. There's an area within the gate for parking, and you can also park along the trail's start, where it's widest. Numerous side trails are open to walking but closed to vehicles and denoted by red gates. As you pass the Cane Creek Road turnoff 2 miles in, the road starts to descend through narrow and blind hairpins with moderate to steep drop-offs until you reach the Cane Creek water crossing. This is typically about a foot deep and has an alternate bridge crossing. There are a handful of camping spots right off the trail here. From there, you climb 1,240 feet to Horse Pasture Road. Turning left brings you quickly to Jumping Off Point, the most scenic overlook within the Gorges. For ATV/SxS riders, the road is open to traffic Monday through Saturday from September 15th to January 15th and from March 20th to May 10th. To drive on Saturdays, you need a hunting license and a WMA permit. The road is closed to ATVs/SxSs on Sundays. Licensed cars, trucks, and motorcycles can access it year-round.

Photos of Shooting Tree Ridge Road

Shooting Tree Ridge Road
Shooting Tree Ridge Road
Shooting Tree Ridge Road


Passing under powerlines on the climb up, it gets narrow, steep, and loose, with large drop-offs. A reasonable speed is advised.

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Access this via Scenic Route 11 to Cleo Chapman Highway in Eastatoee, South Carolina.

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