Little North Carolina Road

Total Miles


168.17 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring

Trail Overview

This gravel road rolls across some of the Sumter National Forest's piedmont area; it includes side puddles, that can hold water for a long time, and a delightful creek crossing that can gain depth rapidly with heavy rainfall. The creek crossing has a hard bottom (cement) but has a visible hole on the up-creek side when the water is clear.


The road is well maintained most of the year, however, with heavy rainfall the creek crossing can become deep. Eighty-five percent of the time the road is safe to travel with any 4x4, however, the crossing can increase to several feet.

Technical Rating


Access Description

The road is easily located by using a mapping service on a smart phone. Little N. Carolina Road connects Highway 72 and Highway 66 between Whitmire, SC, and Clinton, SC. Located within 10 minutes of I-26.