Mountain Ridge ATV Park Singletrack BC

Total Miles


849.56 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Singletrack B is an almost 9-mile loop broken into 4 sections of varying difficulty, singletrack BC is the third section. Each section starts and ends at an easily accessible location off of one of the ATV paths, so if you had enough or want to only hit a specific section, you can. You will begin your journey off of Main North South Trail and end at an intersection where you are given the choice to go left onto Singletrack A or continue onto the last section of singletrack B.


Lots of tight trees, and varying terrain. You will find it all in this section. There is one option line with a "Hard" and "Easy" choice, the rock garden in the "Hard" section can offer a challenge, so choose wisely!

Technical Rating


Access Description

Mountain Ridge ATV Park is located in Somerset Pennsylvania. It is a pay to ride facility with over 100 miles of trails. Parking will be in the day lot past the office building, unless you are camping. The main route through the park is called "Main North-South" which will be the 2-way dirt highway to and from most of the trail heads.