Mountain Ridge ATV Park Singletrack A

Total Miles


812.91 ft


1 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Singletrack A is one 2.9-mile loop that starts and ends in the day parking area. Access will be right beside the Kids' Motocross Track, and the exit will be across the parking lot from it. This trail is mapped as one large loop because there is no change in difficulty and it has always been considered one large trail. There are numerous points along the trail where you can exit if you have found it to be in over your head.


This trail has a little bit of everything. Mud, roots, rocks, hills and trees. There is nothing overly challenging if you pick your lines well. There is one hill climb towards the end of the trial. Watch for deep ruts, especially around the creek!

Technical Rating


Access Description

Mountain Ridge ATV Park is located in Somerset Pennsylvania. It is a pay-to-ride facility with over 100 miles of trails. Parking will be in the day lot past the office building unless you are camping. The main route through the park is called "Main North-South" which will be the 2-way dirt highway to and from most of the trail heads.