Keating Mountain Road

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630.81 ft


2 Hours

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This road can be taken from either end, if entering from the RT120 side you will encounter a steep climb and some awesome views. Take a minute to stop at the Sinnemahoning Vista which is marked by what appears to be a homemade sign. The views of Sinnemahoning Creek below and the hilltops all around are impressive, to say the least. This is a gravel/dirt road that won't challenge even a 2WD vehicle but does offer some of the nicest views. The road meanders along small creeks and you see a few small waterfalls if the creeks are running. If you are in this area I would suggest you look up Round Island Falls and make the stop, you're not too far away.

Photos of Keating Mountain Road

Keating Mountain Road
Keating Mountain Road
Keating Mountain Road


This is a Township/State Forest Road that won't offer any challenging areas.

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Status Reports

Andy Thomas
Apr 07, 2024
2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport
we picked up this trail from Dutchman Rd and headed towards Keating. the road surface seems to change every 1/8th-1/4 mile. sometimes nicely groomed gravel, sometimes unmaintained sections of gravel with lots of potholes, sometimes rutted clay mud and sometimes exposed small rocky sections. there are a few sections with washouts 6-8" deep. the last mile or so is very steep and narrow with small rocks as you descend into Keating. could be slick in wet weather and dangerous in winter. it makes for a beautiful view of the Allegheny River.

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