Bull Hollow Road

Total Miles


541.64 ft


0.75 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Trail Overview

Bull Hollow Road is an "out and back" drivable trail that is used for access to three cabins (private) and leads to a dual sport trail. This is a typical Bald Eagle State Forest drivable trail consisting of dirt, rocks, and mud with occasional deep ruts, rock steps, and washes. Once you turn off Short Mountain Road the trail starts off easily, running parallel to a small stream. At roughly 1 mile in you'll pass the second cabin where the trail difficulty starts to increase and the obstacles mentioned above really start. After a rain, expect sections of the trail to be completely covered in water, hiding what's underneath. While this is one of the wider drivable trails it is only one vehicle wide with a few places to pull over if needed. After reaching the third cabin this is where the drivable trail ends and the dual sport begins. There is plenty of room to turn a few vehicles around to head back out but be mindful of the cabin property.


Deep ruts filled with water after a rain. Rocky areas with washes.

Technical Rating