Ridgeview Road - Subarus Paradise

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322.60 ft


0.5 Hours

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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

If you are someone that loves exploring new terrain and experiencing the true country living of Ohio, this is for you. This trail takes you by beautiful wildlife, farm animals, rustic houses, wide-open scenery, and even a fire tower. Subarus would feel right at home on this mostly gravel forest service-style road. The fire tower is open to climb up to the small structure at the very top. The views up there are great and are definitely worth the climb. This would be a perfect place to take your friends for a fun picnic and adventure day or to get out and experience some peace & quiet that this area offers.***If you plan to go here on a Side by Side, ATV, Dirtbike, etc... Make sure it is licensed and road legal in the state of Ohio.***

Photos of Ridgeview Road - Subarus Paradise

Ridgeview Road - Subarus Paradise
Ridgeview Road - Subarus Paradise
Ridgeview Road - Subarus Paradise


This is an easy trail that is perfect for the adventure-style driver that doesn't want to get too crazy. This is a trail that is not hard on the vehicle, but still feels very off-road oriented. There could be some small washouts during heavy rain.

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Tim Boerema
Apr 06, 2024
Dirt Bike

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